Seasonal Yoga Treats
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Seasonal Notes

If you would like to go one step further why not cleanse everyday with a Neti Pot and avoid colds, flus, headaches and hayfever? Contact us on for scholarly articles and details about neti pot use.

If you would like to go one step further why not cleanse everyday with a Neti Pot and avoid colds, flus, headaches and hayfever? Contact us on for scholarly articles and details about neti pot use.

Cate Peterson


*1-2 bunches of asparagus-peeled and cut into 1⁄4, steamed and refreshed in ice
*300 gr of snow-peas – trimmed, steamed and refreshed in ice
*1 cup of fresh or frozen peas- steamed and refreshed in ice
*1 cup of edamame - steamed and refreshed in ice
*1⁄2 preserved lemon - cut into thin strips
*1 cup of Chinese cabbage - finely shredded
*1 cup of raddichio - finely shredded
*2-3 stems of kale - leaves stripped off and finely shredded
*1⁄2 cup each of parsley and mint - finely chopped


1. Steam the asparagus, snow-peas, green peas and edamame separately to prevent the flavours from mingling. Make sure to cool them completely in the ice to preserve their colour and flavour. 2. Place in a large mixing bowl and add all the other ingredients, mixing gently.
3. Add the ginger and Tahini dressing, mixing carefully.

This salad is lovely on its own or can accompany a piece of fish if you like.


Cate Peterson

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ELEMENT Wood- FOCUS release tightness in the sides of the body - DRISHTI Upwards ORGAN Gall Bladder


1. Stand at the top of the mat, big toes touching, heels slightly apart
2. Take a long step back with the left foot
3. Swivel on the big toe, turning the foot inwards slightly
4. Ensure the heels are in line with each other
5. Square the hips and torso to the left edge of the mat, tucking the pelvis under
6. Lengthen upwards through the spine
7. Place the right elbow on the right knee, left hand on left hip and roll the left shoulder behind you
8. Take the left arm up and over the head, reaching with the hand towards the front with the palm facing down
9. Look up underneath the left armpit towards the sky
10. Take the right hand to the floor, without collapsing the torso
11. Place the right hand either on the inside or outside of the right foot, depending on your flexibility
12. Keep on rolling the left shoulder behind you and press the left ribs to the sky
13. Feel a long line running from left heel to left fingertips, stretching the side of the body
14. Hold for 5-10 breaths
15. Repeat on the other side

Cate Peterson

Half Fast 

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This is the season of fasting and a safe and one fabulous way to do this is to commit to a weekly Half Fast as a regular weekly practice for the season.   Choose a day of the week when you are able to have more exercise than usual and that you know you won’t be invited to lunch…

Expect : Better digestive ability, greater mental clarity and focus, breaking through negative habits and mental patterns, healing specific illnesses and of course weight loss.

1, Purchase a bag of organic , preferably Biodynamic, short grain brown rice and sea salt.

2. Purchase a selection of organic green vegetables such as chard, asparagus, zucchini, chinese greens etc..

3. The night before fasting cook 3 cups of rice with 6 cups of water and a pinch of sea salt.  Bring to boil then simmer until all the water is absorbed and.the rice has patterned itself - approx 20 mins. Using a rice cooker is  even easier .

4.Wash the vegetables and make ready for lightly steaming in the morning and make this your first task.

5. Now you have your food intake for the day ahead.  The key to the day is not to eat out of habit. Instead wait until you actually feel hungry. At this point place a small amount of rice and greens in a bowl and take a small mouthful, chewing 50 times before swallowing. Keep you awareness on the act of eating. At the end of the mouthful are you hungry?  If so repeat. Continue until you no longer feel hungry but are not full.

6. Make sure not to drink half an hour before or after  eating. Drink only room temperature or warm water and only when thirsty..taking a sip, asking yourself if you need another sip and proceed accordingly.

7. Make sure to get more exercise than usual today and also be in bed before 10pm .

8. Notice how excellent you feel the next day and be sure not to overcompensate the next day with excessive eating..instead slow. down your eating, chew consciously and drink only what you need.

9. Put the Half Fast in your diary for the next week and the week after that...

Cate Peterson

The Way of the Five Seasons

Five Seasons.jpg

John Kirkwood
Singing Dragon, London 2016

The author’s deep understanding of the five elements and its day to day integration and enhancement of the practitioners life is awe inspiring . Having immersed myself in the lifestyle afforded by deep understanding of Yin Yang Go Gyo  ( 5 element theory)  for the past 30 + years, it is a total joy to be taken further into the journey.

“Imagine a great gong being struck.  Its powerful sonorous note passes out into the universe and all things of a similar vibration pick up the note, vibrating in perfect resonance.

Now imagine five great gongs sounding simultaneously , each with its own unique note.  Imagine that, according to its nature, every single atom in the universe is resonating to one of these notes.Nothing is left out of this primal harmony.

Similarly, each of the Five Elements acts like one of the five great gongs, vibrating with its own frequency, a frequency that resonates precisely and profoundly in all expressions of that Element : a season of the year, a colour, a sound, an emotion, an odour, an organ of the body, a sense organ, a set of tissues, a psychological state , a spiritual state .  They all pick up the note and resonate with its vibration like a great clan singing the same tone in harmony.” Pg 37

John’s capacity to provide a readable and relevant version of Yin Yan Go Gyo is beyond measure. Oriental understanding of yogic lifestyle was developed parallel to the Indian version and documented circa 300 BC . The learnings continue to be rich and fruitful in conducting our day to day lives.

Cate Peterson