Seasonal Yoga Treats
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Spring Seasonal Treat Balmain

Spring Seasonal Treat Balmain


Envisage the growth from seed to sapling after the dormancy of winter; this is the time of rejuvenation and growing in previously unexplored directions. In yoga classes, we capture this pervasive feeling of new beginnings. The healthy expression of wood funnels and controls energy in its upward, twisting, movements of release. 

Join as at Dance Flow Yoga for a delicious day of yoga , food and fun.


10-12.10 pm YOGA FOR SPRING
Enjoy being led through a yoga practice based on the principles of Japanese Yoga as applied to the Spring element for a refreshing, detoxing, energetic start to the season of high activity.

12.10-1.40pm FOOD FOR SPRING
Learn the principles that guide food preparation in this season of fresh green growth and feel awakened with a beautifully balanced fully catered lunch.

1.40-3.00 pm WISDOM FOR SPRING
Techniques and practices to take your health into your own hands. Learn and work on your liver and gall bladder meridians to help you unblock and clear your pathway to pristine health and the excitement of the new.

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