Seasonal Yoga Treats
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Late Summer Seasonal Online Course

Late Summer Seasonal Online Course


This course will build a full picture of  the Earth Element in the Yin Yang Go Gyo or the Five Element Theory, the guiding principle of Japanese Yoga. 

By working with the late summer yoga poses, and incorporating all the information  into your lifestyle, you will stay present and fulfilled in this season . The information relates to your Spleen and Stomach systems.

Late Summer Fire Meditation
40 min. Videoed Late Summer Yoga Class
Video Intro to Late Summer and the Earth Element
Beautiful Downloadable Late Summer Information Pack

The information kit includes 10 or more poses for late summer, breathing techniques, philosophy, recipes, food guidance, pledges, mudra and acupressure tips . (valued at $30 in printed form)

Staying in sync with the seasons allows you to work towards true physical and mental health . Download it now and incorporate all it has to teach at your own pace throughout the late summer months.

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