Seasonal Yoga Treats
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Full Year of Seasonal Booklets

Full Year of Seasonal Booklets


Invest in a full set of Yin Yang Go Gyo booklets and thereby have the knowledge needed to look after your health during all five seasons of the year at your fingertips. Each seasonal booklet contains beautifully presented yoga poses, breathing practices, pledges, recipes, mudra, acupressure points, poetry and theories relating to the season.  

Applying this knowledge to your yoga practice and other aspects of your life will not only help you to become healthier and happier but also give you a rich line of enquiry into your connection to nature and the seasonal rhythms that guide us all year round.

Should you decide to extend your experience by joining us on one of our Seasonal Yoga Treat, make sure to let us know you’ll be bringing your booklet along. This will mean a $25 dollar discount.

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