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Summer Retreats

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Shizuka Summer Yoga Retreat

  • Shizuka Ryokan Lakeside Drive Hepburn, VIC, 3461 Australia (map)

Summer brings fire through the heat of the sun and it’s long days. Life and energies are at their peak. It is a time of social activity and laughter, physical expression and relaxation, increasing our social activities and getting out and about.

It is the most yang of the seasons and is ruled by fire. The Summer season is associated with the heart and the small intestine. The colour is red, the emotion joy. It is a time for growth, expansion, light, abundance and is the manifestation of all we have been cultivating throughout the spring.

Join us at Shizuka Ryokan for a delicious weekend of Summer yoga, delicious vegetarian food and fun. Shizuka Ryokan is in itself an experience of the peace and grounding of Japanese culture. Simply being surrounded by the manicured gardens and permeating quiet is a true treat. Shiatsu is on offer.

From Friday until Sunday afternoon we practice yoga, mindfulness and technique to fully embody the Summer Season. We have chosen practices that suit beginners and the experienced alike. Along with the carefully curated menu , our intention is that you leave warmed and relaxed with Summer energy for a wholesome, lightning, energetic start to the season.

You will learn the principles that guide food preparation in this season of abundance and beauty and techniques and practices to take your health into your own hands. Learn and work on your heart and small intestine meridians to help you feel flushed with health and in love with each moment in this fully expressed season.
The seasonal treats build a full picture of Yin Yang Go Gyo, the guiding principles of Japanese Yoga and how you can best work with the seasonal flow.

Hope to see you there
Cate and Lars