Seasonal Yoga Treats
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Late Summer Retreats

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  • GOVINDA VALLEY RETREAT 51 Lady Carrington Road Otford, NSW, 2508 Australia (map)

Late Summer is a time of coming to earth, settling, ripening and mulling over what has been learnt. We spend time digesting and enriching the soil of our lives to bring about the embodiment of form in the seasons to come. In the bounty of this season we feel the openness and bloom of summer come to fruition, reaping the harvest. In this period energetic forces reach a standstill, nourishing the inside of us as we absorb and rest, ll and allow ourselves to simply be. Deep orange and gold are the colours of the season and the emotion is satisfaction. We work on the stomach and spleen meridians to help digestion and absorption of the year.

The seasonal treats build a full picture of Yin Yang Go Gyo, the guiding 5 element principle of Japanese Yoga and how you can best work with the seasonal ow. In Late Summer we explore the Earth element.